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ELT Collection has a broad reader-base all over the world and it gets thousands of visits a day. My blog has become a highly regarded source of information for English students and teachers.

If you advertise here, your product, services, or campaign will have a popularity boost online as all of those people will be exposed to it. Additionally, as I am trusted for accuracy, people will be inclined to trust you too.

My Advertisement Packages

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There are several spots in my blog destined for advertisement and they are all located in the most convenient posts and pages. Take a look at the packages that you can purchase for advertising here.

Basic Advertising

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For those of you that are teachers and want to offer your services through a banner on certain articles, I offer you a £5 monthly package to have it shown in three related articles.

Advertising Pro

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If you want your advertisement to show up on every single article I post in a determined category, you can purchase this package for a monthly fee of £10.

Advertising Mania

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Having your advertisement on each page and article of my blog is possible by buying this package at an annual fee of £30. With this package’s purchase, I will also provide you with the information gathered by Google Analytics. This allows you to keep track of the exposure your advertisement is getting.

To start advertising here, you need to go to my Talk to Me page and find my email address to send your request through there. You will receive an automated reply with a link to a Google form where you can choose the package you want to purchase and the payment methods you want to use for this.

Take advantage of the many benefits that come with advertising here and start seeing results in no time.