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Keeping this blog alive requires a healthy amount of resources that I find sometimes difficult to come by and this is where you can help out. Donating to my blog is easy and can be done as frequently as you wish.

You can choose between providing me with memberships to popular learning platforms or tech equipment.

To all my donors I offer the benefit of privileged information about my findings on the platforms where I have a membership. Moreover, I will give you additional advanced tips for English teaching and learning.

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If you are interested in donating, all you must do is go to ELT Collection’s Talk to Me page and find my email address to send your requirement. Make sure you make your email’s subject is donation, to help me find it faster and give you an answer as soon as possible.

Once we are in contact, I can tell you all about how you can either send the tech equipment or what platforms I am most interested in but haven’t been able to afford yet. The idea is to run a smooth process in which you do not need to provide me with your data.

Don’t hesitate to become a donor and help me in my journey to helping interested people all over the world through my blog. Please keep in mind that at no time will I be requesting any bank account information or online identity verifications to avoid being scammed by people posing as myself.

Become an important part of my blog and receive wonderful benefits, it’s an all-around win-win deal.