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Hello there! My name is Harry Reed and I work as an escort interpreter for exchange students on school trips. My job has taken me closer to the field of English teaching. Many of the students I worked with wanted to learn enough to understand the basics of the language.

I enjoy watching them go from not understanding a single word, to being able to communicate basic phrases and thoughts.

Although right now I have my dream job, I had to start as a customer delivery driver for ASDA to be able to afford my English Major at the University of Cambridge. It was hard work, but it helped me hone valuable skills like the best way to handle difficult situations and explain complicated issues to people in a friendly way.

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I graduated back in 2011 and was ready to quit my ASDA job to start doing something I was passionate about, which is when I was recruited to do my current job. Happily, I found a marvellous tutor that helped me adjust to my new job’s requirements and shared many useful resources with me.

This is when the idea to do the same for others came to me, as I had progressed so easily once I was pointed to the right tools for learning and improving. Blogging seemed like the most natural way to do it, given that it doesn’t take so much tech knowledge and students love reading helpful fun blogs.

Before I knew it, I had put together ELT Collection and decided I was going to focus on posting information and resources for English learning and teaching. The posts you can read here are about tried-and-tested items that have worked wonders with the students I work with.

I keep updating the blog based on my continuous experiences, so make sure you check it out regularly.